Friday, February 6, 2015

Hopkins Hustle Weather/Rain Out Policy


In the event the event has to be cancelled prior to the tournament due to severe rain fall at the field site, Hopkins Ultimate will refund as much of each entry fee as possible while still covering fixed expenses and costs from vendors that are non-refundable. If the fields conditions are in question due to excessive rain in the weeks leading up to the tournament, a formal decision will be communicated to captains and coaches 48 hours prior to the event on whether or not the tournament will being going forward.

If inclement weather is experienced during the event, our staff will explore all possibilities in attempting to get games in, including changing formats, shortening games, updating or compressing the schedule, etc.  Related decisions are made by the tournament director and are non-negotiable and final. Refunds in this situation are not guaranteed, and will be to the discretion of the Hopkins Ultimate board and the tournament director based on the amount of games played by the participating teams.

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to reach out! Here is to better weather this time around!

Ben Feldman
Hopkins Hustle TD

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