Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hopkins Hustle - Schedule and Details


Thank you for your patience! This is a lengthy email, so I apologize in advance.
1. Schedule
The schedule and seeding are now posted. Cap rules are posted on the event page linked below as well. If you have any major concerns, please reach out.

The schedule for both divisions was updated on Wednesday, May 6th at 5:00pm due to team drops! Please re-check your new game times!
2. Rosters/Chaperones
Those teams who have not completed the required steps for USAU will be contacted within the next 24-48 hours. Please verify and check that your team has all of its waivers complete, roster submitted, chaperone verified, and is ready to go.

3. Captain's Meeting(s)
We will host two separate captain's meetings due to the staggered start on Saturday morning. Please ensure that you send a representative to one of these meetings and collect your team packet, which includes your pizza ticket for Saturday evening.

Early Start Captains Meeting: 8:00am 
Late Start Captains Meeting: 9:30am
4. Coach's Showcase Game & Pizza
We will have a Coach's showcase on Saturday at 5:15pm on the field in front of tournament headquarters. We encourage all coaches to bring their cleats and participate! Each team will receive a ticket for 3 pizzas in the morning (at the Captain's Meeting) and teams are encouraged to stay to watch (and heckle) their respective coaches. 

If your team is not planning on sticking around for the Showcase game, and therefore does't need pizza, please let me know.

5. Parking
We ask that you make all efforts possible when it comes to carpooling with teammates to the fields. Our parking space is a limited resource, so please do what you can to help us out! Our volunteers will be there in the morning to guide you. Please be respectful and follow their directions.

Please Carpool! Note: There is NO PARKING allowed on the north side of Turner Road! You will get towed!

Coaches! Make sure to bring your cleats for the game!

6. Field Food/Water
Per usual, we will have bagels and bananas available at HQ both mornings. We will be helping save the earth by using refillable 5 gallon jugs at the fields this weekend. We will have water stations set up at various locations throughout the fields.

Please remind your players to bring nalgenes/water bottles to reuse throughout the weekend!

7. Tournament Gear/Discs
We will have discs and Five Ultimate gear available for purchase at HQ. Cash is preferred, but we will be accepting credit cards. Our inventory is limited this year so make sure to claim your items early!

8. Field Concessions
We will have burgers, turkey burgers, hot dogs, pickles, gatorade, bottled water, coffee, and a bunch of other items available for sale at the fields both days. Concessions will be cash only! Prices are very reasonable so make sure to take advantage!

9. Athletic Trainer
We will have an athletic trainer on site both days. If you need your ankle taped, be sure to show up early to afford yourself enough time! The line will likely be extra long on Sunday morning.

Look for another one more email with final notes to come later this week! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Ben Feldman
Hopkins Hustle TD